English Pronunciation ESL
01/ Inflect

User: English Language Students

Aims: Enhanced Pronunciation

Feature: Class Simulation

Feature: Native Speaker Techniques

English Office Idioms ESL
02/ Office Idioms

User:  English Language Students

Aims: Enhanced Idioms Usage

Feature: Practical Business English

Feature: Self Analysis Tool




Collectively, the Oi Apps team has over 15 years experience in Mobile Application programming, UX and UI design, along with Mobile App Marketing. Oi Apps developed their first mobile application in order to aid language learners to study more effectively. This being a starting point of the Oi Apps journey, which has led to the current service offering, of both Oi's own Mobile Applications and an App Development service.  


Our vision is simple and direct. We wish to fully utilize, in unique ways, the immensely powerful and convenient devices we now carry with us on a daily basis. Our aim is to solve problems that we encounter on a daily basis using the myriad of sensors and capabilities of portable devices. We are dedicated to providing user friendly, highly effective and intuitive interfaces that will help make our everyday lives easier.


To date Oi Apps have followed their vision with the current 3 Mobile App offerings.

Each application has been specifically designed to provide key problem solving in the English Language learning sector. This includes advice, recommendations and practical implementation techniques,  all wrapped up in an interactive and user friendly format. This blueprint will form the basis of future Apps from Oi Apps across a variety of sectors.

English Conversation ESL
03/ Everyday English

User:  English Language Students

Aims: General Conversation

Feature: Frequently Used Language 

Feature: Easy Access Format



English Language Pronunciation ESL
English Language Pronunciation ESL
English Language Pronunciation ESL